Monday 25 March 2019

Augustine - Luzon (Stripped)

Augustine - Luzon (Stripped)

As far as debut's go, Stockholm's Augustine makes a bold statement with his stunning new single, Luzon. Originally shared at the tail end of January with its accompanying vibrant video, filmed here we get its stripped back version giving a true sense of his empowering falsetto. Beautifully shot with just the Swedish songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist's grand piano set amongst a vastly expansive room, its rich colour only adds to the song's emotion. "Last year was sometimes amazing, but also quite hectic with a lot of ups and downs!" he explains. "For me, ‘Luzon’ represents that kind of split and the ambivalent thoughts and feelings that I was experiencing at the time. It therefore feels right to show off a more intimate side of the song to contrast the studio version and official video. It felt important for me to give everyone a version of ‘Luzon’ that’s a little closer to how it sounded in the very early stages." Take a listen and watch for yourselves below.


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