Tuesday 26 March 2019

Matt Kivel - l.a. coliseum

Matt Kivel - l.a. coliseum

For anyone like myself that's had another long, never ending mundane day in the office, Matt Kivel's  l.a. coliseum is that warm reassuring hug waiting for you at the end of your shift. It's that cathartic release of any pent up anger or despair that's been rattling around inside your head. A perfectly composed and utterly desirable composition. "In Austin, I started to enjoy a much slower pace of life" Matt explains. "Walking from my house every morning through my neighbourhood, past the creek, under the live oak trees, I could sort of still my mind in a way that I had never been able to before. I started putting together a record that was a reflection of that state of mind— something very calm and still". Take a listen to l.a. coliseum for yourselves below, lifted from his upcoming album 'Last Night in America', out May 10, 2019 on Cascine.


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