Wednesday 10 April 2019

Johan - fifteen

Blending his falsetto vocals across a futuristic soul-inspired production, LA-Based artist Johan returns with his latest single Fifteen. Written about his days well spent, all the time just wishing to go back to having no responsibilities, Fifteen explores the incredible range of dynamics through the track's wide-screened melodies and head-rushing realism. "In Fifteen, I was reminiscing about a time when I was younger and aimlessly fucking around in Boston" he epxlains. "I often wish I could get back to that feeling of being carefree and directionless, just hanging with friends, getting high, riding the train in and out of the city with little concern about the future. But it’ll never be quite like that again for me or my friends because we all have real responsibilities now. And we just have to be fine with that". Take a listen for yourselves below.

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