Friday 31 May 2019

aiwake - Tonight (Sundown)

Returning this week with their latest single, Tonight, Toronto-based duo aiwake take us on another journey through their hazy, otherworldly soundscapes. The pair's soft touch and often darkened approach to pop music is second to none and their latest effort hits all the right notes with its silk smooth deliverance. A quote from the pair reads: "Endless seeking. Hunting for some sort of satisfaction, with no clarity as to what it looks like and no end game in sight. Sometimes life passes by while we are trying too hard to live it. Sometimes we look right through the very thing we are searching for. These are symptoms of the age of distraction. We all take part. True contentment, while undeniably fleeting, seems to fall into place on its own more often than it can be contrived. Sundown is written from this experience. From the moment we finally settle into the place we feel we belong". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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