Thursday 16 May 2019

Bengal Lancers - Last Orders

There's always two sides to the story. And London-based four-piece Bengal Lancers know this all too well as they return with their latest single, Last Orders. The track comes off the back of them realising that not all of coping mechanisms will remain as efficient as they once were. "In honesty there was a point around last year where I realised that I was using drinking as a coping mechanism around stress.” explains guitarist Harry Sullivan “The hangovers started to become more of a battle and the party wasn't that fun any more. My mindset had slipped a bit, but I picked myself up and went “right, I’m better than this” and Last Orders is the result of that. It’s such a simple sentiment” he continues “but there’s always something to make you feel alright if you look for it. That’s not to say I don’t still love a drink, but my mindset has changed - Rather than drinking to forget, I’m drinking to celebrate everything that's happening in life.” Listen for yourselves below below as the track's ignited guitars and soaring vocals set alight a backdrop of colour through their infectious energy.


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