Wednesday 8 May 2019

Deportees - Time Is The Tiger

Renown for their infinite pop, a little known secret is that Sweden also houses some incredible band's that make often endearing, always euphoric indie rock music. Case in point, Deportees. Their latest single Time Is The Tiger is a prime example with its rolling percussion, anthemic choruses and spell-binding melodies. The band recently shared its official video directed by Peder Bergstrand & Mike McMillin which sees skateboarder and free spirit Mike 'Trast' Lopez effortlessly glide through the Joshua Tree national park on an epic solo skate through the desert. "We wanted to make sort of an 'Into the Wild' and 'Easy Rider' on skateboard," says Bergstrand. "A film that captured the song's themes about escapism and braking free from the mould of everyday life". "When I'm on my skateboard, I'm not really thinking too much of things, I'm just kinda... going," adds Trast. "Feeling the wind. No thoughts. Just getting away from all the normal things... the crazy city life. Sometimes you're so ahead of yourself and you're rushing to do this and that... You gotta take it slow. Take your time." he says, Take a watch for yourselves below.

Time Is The Tiger is taken from the band's forthcoming EP Re-dreaming, due out on May 17.


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