Tuesday 21 May 2019

Kitt Philippa - You

Kitt Philippa - You

Making exceptional use of its space, Kitt Philippa's latest single You is about as indulgent as they come. Released on May 17th through Paragon Records in conjunction with the EP of the same name, their latest effort slowly builds in to a gorgeous crescendo of thundering percussion and softly laid vocals, all the while its circling strings adding further texture to an already dynamic mix. Speaking about the new single, Kitt says “'You' is a combination of thoughts but its output is a love that is not obviously tangible; love can seem distant but still be present; it can almost be imaginary, or like a memory. It was from that context 'You' was written. Some of the lyrics circulate around the idea of space, alluding at times to a perceived 'emptiness'; but love flows between and through us and leaves its trail.” Take a listen to their latest single below.


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