Tuesday 21 May 2019

Safe To Swim - Why Does He Wanna Know?

Safe To Swim - Why Does He Wanna Know?

Brighton-based newcomers Safe To Swim ramp up their energy to euphoric levels on their latest single Why Does He Wanna Know?. Unveiled last Friday (also known as the New Music Apocalypse in my eyes as I play catch up to the hundreds of emails) the band's new effort tackles the manipulative behaviours in young relationships, something that often goes unnoticed. Once more they show a fine trend for catchy melodies and vibrant vigour as they blast out jangly guitars and hook laden choruses - all before the track's triumphant finale. Take a listen for yourselves below. The new single Why Does He Wanna Know? is taken from their forthcoming debut EP 'Boyhood, due out July 5th. 


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