Thursday 30 May 2019

Tanners - Venus (Official Video)

Tennessee-turned-New Yorker Tanners returns with a dazzling new video to her latest single, Venus. Perfectly capturing the song's essence through sultry purple hazed lights, sparkly outfits and a pole dancing centrepiece, the video sees Tanner dragged about a party with friends as she tries but fails to shake off her dismissive feelings. That's all before becoming mesmerised by performer Samantha Bergeron. "The character I play is apathetic, irritated, and just generally in a bad mood while she’s reluctantly dragged around to parties by her friends" explains Tanner. "But there’s a shift when she comes in contact with Samantha, acting as a metaphor, through her fluid movement, she represents a state of mind that I constantly strives for in everyday life. She’s graceful, serene, and quite literally going with the flow.” Take a watch for yourselves below. 


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