Wednesday 24 July 2019

Ead Wood - Plum Cake

Photo Credit: John Dixon

Ead Wood - Plum Cake

Laid back, Sun-kissed vibes a-plenty can be found amongst the craftsmanship in Ead Wood's latest effort Plum Cake. Perfectly encapsulating the warming energy we've enjoyed over the past few weeks through another glorious heatwave, the track's shimmering melodies and infectious sounds mark another exciting chapter for the Bristolian artist. "Plum Cake’ is written about my lack of decision making. Especially when it comes down to those small everyday insignificant choices that really don’t matter, but I just can’t decide" he explains. "The title came as I was playing the song for one of the first times in Munich last summer and typically I couldn’t decide on a name for the track. I asked the audience if anyone had any ideas for a title and to shout them out at the end. As the song finished I asked again, no one replied as half the crowd was eating cake, I asked what the cake was and they shouted Special Bavarian Plum Cake, and there’s the title!" Take a listen for yourselves below!


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