Tuesday 23 July 2019

Millie Turner - Swimming Pool

Millie Turner - Swimming Pool

When Mille Turner first appeared on my radar she was taking her first precarious steps in to the daunting musical world. Fast-forward two years and she's now a confident ambitious artist who easily racks up more than 12,000 plays of her new video in the space of four short days. Impressive to say the least. With its tightly knitted production, infectious hooks and lyrical genius, Swimming Pool marks another exciting chapter for her. Explaining the songs meaning Turner goes on to say; "Swimming pool was based on a poem I wrote that tells a story of a group of kids that destroy this old historic building, setting it on fire, breaking down its traditional walls. They then escape from the chaos, retreating to the walls of the swimming pool. They stay there together, muffling out the sound of chaos outside. It’s about rebellion, liberation and then escapism, stepping away and escaping in this swimming pool". Take a listen for yourselves and watch the track's stunningly visual clip below. 

Live Dates
02/08/2019, 110 Above Festival, Gopsall (Stage 3), Leicestershire UK
23/08/2019, Greenbelt Festival, Northamptonshire UK [26]
06/09/2019 More Moore, 100 Club London


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