Tuesday 27 August 2019

LIA - To The Woods

LIA - To The Woods

If there was ever a perfect tag line to sum up LIA's heavenly sound, then, it'd be otherworldly pop of the finest degree. Returning with her latest single, To The Woods, we're doused in her haunting vocals as spacious electronic beats and synth pad textures send us on a journey in to self discovery. "The woods represents the self. In a depressive state, the self can be haunting, dark, masochistic, devouring" LIA explains. "On the flip side, the self nurtures and protects. My new track, “To The Woods,” represents these starkly different states of mind". Speaking about the creation of its accompanying video she goes on to say "I wanted the video for “To The Woods” to portray how we can feel as though we are at the mercy of our minds. I visualized dancers manipulating me as the mind manipulates the self. The choreography and camera movements evolve over the course of the video to show the softness of a healthy mind. My eyes open at the very end as I recapture my power". Take a watch for yourselves below.


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