Wednesday 4 September 2019

Nancy - When I'm With You (I Feel Love)

Nancy - When I'm With You (I Feel Love)

Following on from his acclaimed debut EP ‘Mysterious Visions’, released late 2018 through B3SCI/Cannibal Hymns, Nancy today returns with another kaleidoscopic pop masterpiece. Picking up where he left off we're fortunate enough to joyfully experience another wild trip on his psychadelic surf-pop wave. Ramping up his energy to its maximum velocity, When I'm With You (I Feel Love) proves to be another unmistakably powerful effort. Describing the single he goes on to say "When I’m With You (I Feel Love) is another swirling head rush, a shot of adrenaline, an oscillating distorted cacophony of noise and melody. Pop meets strange through a blender and put back together in my own way. This is my love letter to the people I meet in my dreams at night". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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