Friday 20 September 2019

Will Joseph Cook - The Dragon

Returning with his new single, Will Joseph Cook tackles some very important world issues on The Dragon, arriving just ahead of today's Global Climate Strike. Accompanied with a cool video directed by Will Hooper and featuring a cast of friends and family, the track's quirky melodies and pivotal lyrics come at an important time in our current political climate. “The Dragon is pointing at our collective apathy and inaction towards the biggest problems in our world,” says Will. “I’m singing about that personal feeling of helplessness, knowing that none of these problems can be solved by an individual alone. Living with that knowledge can be difficult. The change needs to be huge and systemic, and that’s almost as overwhelming as the problems themselves.“The song is about striving to stay positive and loving,” he continues. “Whilst living in the shadow of several huge global problems like the climate and political unrest. Turning on each other distracts us from finding the real solutions.“My generation is hyper focused on it but at the same time generally speaking no one can do anything about it and we're in a powerless position.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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