Wednesday 23 October 2019

Whosah - Chemicals

Photo Credit: Kailey Erdahl

Whosah - Chemicals

Exploring the science of mental health, Minneapolis-based indie-pop outfit Whosah return with their brand new single, Chemicals. Built around the track's buoyant melodies and surrounding synth pad energy, its powerful message transcends through the band's driving sound. “Chemicals is about trying to understand each other. It explores the mystery about how our mental wellness is an emotional and spiritual experience, while simultaneously being a physical and scientific one. Chemicals digs into the uncomfortable space between how our thoughts can be both explainable and unexplainable at the same time and pushes us to draw together in the midst of that loneliness and find our shared humanity, our beautiful soul. Call it science or magic, I need to know your heart, and be whatever it is.” Listen below.


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