Monday 18 November 2019

HI SIENNA - Favourite Thing

HI SIENNA - Favourite Thing

Swamped in emails, with an inbox that's rarely afloat, every so often a new band will cross my path and demystify the fog, making the never ending search for new music all the worth while. Hailing from Manchester, HI SIENNA breathe a fresh life in to my quest with their buoyant melodies and infectious, layered guitars/percussion as they unveil their debut single, Favourite Thing. A track built loosely around the infatuation of love, where you'd do absolutely anything for the one you lust after, the track gives until it can't give no more as Poppy-Jo keeps things in line with her effervescent vocals. Listen for yourselves below.

Poppy-Jo - Vocals, Ste Darling - Guitar, Charlie Ellis - Bass, Si James - Drums.


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