Tuesday 26 November 2019

Vistas - Teenage Blues

Vistas - Teenage Blues

As a kid I'll always remember spending my days, counting down the hours until I turned 18. The problem is, the clock never stocks ticking and before you know it you're steadily hitting 30, all the while life continuing to race by quicker and quicker with each day that passes. Taking on the subject of that often difficult transitioning period between your teenage years and adulthood, where you're likely to feel lost and confused, Scotland's Vistas have returned today with their new single Teenage Blues. Speaking about the track, frontman Prentice said: "Teenage Blues is a song about the transition from your teenage years into adulthood. The verses show a conversation between to people discussing all the changes that happen at this time of your life.These are all problems that weigh on the mind of people trying to take the next steps in their lives, and the chorus addresses this. The chorus answers the fear of the changes by showing that there is a constant within them saying: "I will always be there”". Set to appear on the band's debut album next year we get another blistering insight in to their infectious array of melodies and colourful deliverance. Jump right in for yourselves below.


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