Thursday 16 January 2020

Luke De-Sciscio - R.O.B.Y.N.

Following on from his recently shared single, I'm a Dream Fighting Out of a Man, Luke De-Sciscio returns with the elegantly pleasing R.O.B.Y.N. Taken from his forthcoming EP “Good Bye Folk Boy”, released on the 14th March 2020, we get a further insight in to the intricate workings of his artistic world. An ode to his partner, the track's striking guitar line and falsetto vocals come together in magnetising force and sets the precedent for what lays ahead. "It just wouldn't have been the same if she wasn't in the room," Luke explains. "I know Robyn is a vital part of the process. It's like having a mirror, and music isn't a solitary thing. People share external spaces and internal spaces. Robyn and I reflect each other. That's what love is". Take a listen for yourselves below.

7th February 2020 – The Globe at Hay, Hay-On-Wye.
11th February 2020 – Antigel Festivala, Geneva, Switzerland
March 2020 – The New Colossus Festival, New York
March 2020 – SXSW, Austin Texas2nd April – SET, Dalston London


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