Monday 27 January 2020

Small Talk - Alarm

Returning with their new single, Netherlands-formed electronic duo Small Talk unveil their bold new effort Alarm. Tackling the subject of a toxic relationship between two people, the single's backdrop is perpetuated by darkened synth textures and infectious melodies. "“Where there’s smoke there’s fire” describes that they are about to be in the middle of a symbolic fire, because even though they see plenty smoke developing, they stay within the danger zone by staying together" the pair divulge on the track's lyrics. "“When we fall the alarm goes” is the most important line of the track. It basically says that,because they are only building up their issues by ignoring them, that once things collapse between them, it will bring up all the drama at the same time. The alarm resembles a sign of ‘warlike’ feeling to really represent that narrative." Take a listen for yourselves below.

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