Wednesday 29 April 2020

BLOXX - Lie Out Loud (Official Video)

Set for release August 14th via Chess Club Records, Uxbridge three-piece BLOXX have today announced their long anticipated debut album 'Lie Out Loud'. Sharing the news with the record's title track, the band deliver another adrenalin cut anthem rattled up on high energy guitars and explosive percussion. Speaking about 'Lie Out Loud', frontwoman Fee Booth said:
"'Lie Out Loud' feels like a big moment for us, it's a bit angsty and was actually the last song we wrote for our record, whilst we recorded the record, so it nearly didn't even happen! I remember being so wildly annoyed that day because I was sitting around doing nothing and I just remember myself and Jenn Decilveo (our producer) shouting lyrics at each other and arguing over whether or not 'lie out loud' made any sense. It definitely does." Take a listen for yourselves below with the official video streaming.

Lie Out Loud will be released 14th August 2020 via Chess Club Records, it is available to pre order here.


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