Thursday 2 April 2020

FIELDS - Death and the Early House (Official Video)

Irish alt-folk collective FIELDS have recently announced the news of their upcoming debut album ‘The Silence Of Staying In’ – a 12-track offering which set to be released through Owl Boy Records on April 17th. Accompanying the news the band has shared their latest single Death and the Early House, written about the nations love of local pub culture. Explaining in more detail the band go on to say, "‘Death and the Early House’ is a reflection on this country’s intrinsic relationship with pub culture, particularly in the heartland areas and rural parts of the country. It interrogates spiritual notions and the influence of faith alongside the role of ‘the cure.’ The song itself was directly inspired by a visit to an ‘early house’ – a pub which opens its doors at 7.00 am – and the array of characters who were there, injecting life and colour to the place". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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