Tuesday 7 April 2020

Strath - Special

Australian indie-pop artist Strath has today unveiled his latest video for new single Special. With hints of a Tame Impala-M83 influence, the now LA-residing musician delivers his warming synth pad textures and dazzling melodies in refined style. Speaking about the release he had the following to say: "Our desire to be appreciated is like a meter that needs continual topping up. Just like those bars of emotion in The Sims - the fuller they are, the happier the Sims become. I thought it would be fitting to have that video game be the setting for ‘Special’s music video. Anyone has the capacity to make someone feel special. And when you’re feeling special, it’s even easier to pass it on. No one is immune to the spreading of appreciation — not even Kanye West, as seen in the video…". Watch for yourselves below.


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