Wednesday 20 May 2020

BILK - I Got Knocked Out The Same Night England Did

Essex-based trio BILK today share their real-to-life new single I Got Knocked Out The Same Night England Did. Tearing through the memories of a night out, blow by blow, Sol Abrahams recalls a fight he got in to resulting in a three night stay in a hospital bed courtesy of the NHS. "The song documents a true story of when I got into a fight on the night England got knocked out of the World Cup. I got knocked out myself and had to spend three nights in hospital with a fractured skull and a concussion. It definitely seems that violence on nights out has become a normal part of British culture, and more often than not is sparked by something insignificant like the result of an England game, so I wanted to make a song about my experience with that. I’d like to think that when pubs reopen everyone will be pleased to see each other, and there won’t be as many fights, but I don’t reckon anything will change". Take a listen to the high octane anthem for yourselves below.


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