Friday 29 May 2020

Devon - Trust Issues

Returning with his new single, Trust Issues, Forest of Dean based artist Devon finds himself untimely summing up more than just a broken relationship between two people. Originating last year following a luckless courtship, the track takes on a whole new perspective with the current climate in its tattered state through prevalent themes of uncertainty and segregation. Devon explains... "I woke up and wrote this first thing in the morning. It felt like one of those moments when artists say songs fall out the sky, I was strumming random chords and wailing as I always do and then the chorus melody just came out of nowhere. I found it really interesting re-reading the lyrics recently, making these new connections to the current pandemic. There were feelings of isolation and like you didn’t exist, that now feel different through the lens of the current world state". Listen to the catchy number below.


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