Tuesday 23 June 2020

Jake Whiskin - All of the Damage Done

Following on from his triumphant recent single's 'Dark Days' and 'Electric', Leeds-based singer/songwriter Jake Whiskin returns today with his brand new effort, All of the Damage Done. A personal story telling the tale of a difficult childhood, his artistry takes an emotional and tactful look towards the future as soft vocals glide over the track's playful guitar and rolling keys. Speaking about 'All of the Damage Done', Jake Whiskin said: “All Of The Damage Done is a reflection on a hard experience of childhood and trying not to view that time through the eyes of your younger self. It addresses forgiveness and how family shapes you. ‘Like a heirloom of scars passed down from broken hearts; who don't think they deserve anything in this world'..” Take a listen for yourselves below. A debut EP is set to follow later in the year.


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