Tuesday 30 June 2020

Keep Dancing Inc - Long Enough

Parisian trio Keep Dancing Inc sure know a thing or two about infectious guitar riffs and catchy melodies. The band recently shared their new single Long Enough and today return with its accompanying video. Effortlessly crafting effervescent pop seems to be a knack for the band as they churn out fuzzy guitars and synth lines like it's no ones business. Explaining the track in more detail they go on to say: "This song shows a fresh and new facet of Keep Dancing Inc’s sound. We were keen on releasing it on the album, and as a single, because it moved a lot of our friends, even though we didn’t consider spotlighting it initially. When writing this song, we were inspired by our old indie/rock crushes: The Drums, the Strokes and the Smiths. On top of that, we added string machines that reminded us of New Order and The Chameleons. The final words of the chorus, “This is the only way for me, to become what I should be” sum up the general idea behind the song: the longing for self-accomplishment, and the hindrances and fears that stand in the way. Specifically, parental pressure, credentialism, and the angst young people face on the threshold of adulthood." Take a listen for yourselves below.

Photo: Louis Muller-Diettert

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