Tuesday 30 June 2020

Tourist - Last

Grammy winning producer and composer Tourist has returned collaborating with Brooklyn-based peoducer The Range unveiling his latest single Last. ““Last” to me, is a reflection on grief.” Explains Tourist, “I started this track with James a few years ago, and while writing it we noticed that we were hearing the lyric differently, I was hearing “you know you’re lost” whereas James was hearing “you know you last”. The duality of that truth resonated with me, as both meanings are applicable when someone leaves us. It has struck a more personal chord recently, as recently one of my dearest friends passed away very suddenly.”. The Range adds: I think this song is a wonderful combination of Will's and my individual music. I have fond memories of the day we made this one, as it was a beautiful day in London. This song captures an ephemeral sense of longing and transportation to me, particularly now for me as it feels like a totally different world from when Will and I wrote this song. In any case it's an important song for both of us and we hope that feeling rings true to anyone listening.Take a listen for yourselves below.


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