Tuesday 28 July 2020

Norma Jean Martine - Basketball

Drawing inspiration from an illusive pop-perfected blueprint, Norma Jean Martine returns with her empowering new single Basketball. The self-validating effort tackles the personal topic of love and questions if it's okay to be alone. Speaking more on the track Norma shared: "Writing this song was sort of therapy for me to work out if the first boyfriend was a rebound boy, or if the new one was. I was trying to work out why I needed to be with someone constantly, and why I was so afraid to be alone.I was a person that thrived off of outside validation. I wasn’t comfortable with myself, and I didn’t love myself in a genuine, authentic way, so I needed continuous approval; as a singer, a songwriter, a woman, and a person. By never being alone, I never gave myself time to process the shifts in my life. I was numbing the pain with distraction and trying to fix other people so I didn’t have to fix myself. I didn’t have space to be me, I was afraid to sit with my shit and take responsibility for my life." Take a listen for yourselves below. 

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