Wednesday 5 August 2020

Be No Rain - Media Luna

Last week saw London-based artist Be No Rain announce the release of his debut album, Strawberry Backstory, out September 18th via One Two Many Records. Coinciding with the news he unveiled the latest single to be taken from its release, Media Luna - a synth looping melodrama filled with nostalgic twists and turns. Speaking a little more on the track, Be No Rain said: As the song developed it became more of a generalised study of dread, that kind of non-contingent fear that lives in the realm of dreams. Or even the dread that arises at 6am, stumbling, cold onto an unfamiliar street, blinking in the dawn as a chemical shroud lifts and every passing thought feels altogether too tragic and terrible to comprehend. Nonetheless, what’s left resounding at the end of the song is a sense of hope. Dread is transient and so are we; with or without our misdeeds the world will keep spinning.” Take a listen below as the official video is pieced together from purchasing 50 home made videos online of people's fonder memories. Ingenious in times like today where we're experiencing so little. It's reflection at its best.


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