Friday 14 August 2020

Denuo - Helen, No

Unveiled last week, Welsh-based multi-instrumentalist Tom Mason, aka Denuo, recently returned to share his latest single Helen, No. Exploring further elementary sounds, Mason reaches in to the far-depth corners of pop as we hear glistening synth melodies meet uplifting dream-like textures. Continuing to showcase his prominent songwriting sensibilities, we get a further taste of what's in store from his recently completed forthcoming album. Speaking about the track Mason explained, "Helen, No" is a playful song about the bittersweet feeling of infatuation and denial within a relationship that's ultimately doomed to fail. ("I'm still waiting for the last sign of hope / Then at least I'll know")". Take a listen for yourselves below.

The single was produced by Russ Hayes and features vocals from Sophie Ballamy of fellow North Wales band Kidsmoke


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