Monday 14 September 2020

jimi somewhere - Jesus (feat. Kacy Hill)

Taken from his debut LP, 'Nothing Gold Can Stay', due out November 13th, Norwegian-based artist Jimi Somewhere has shared his latest single Jesus. Featuring Kacey Hill the track follows suit of his recent EP with another multilayered, polished pop masterpiece. In his own words, Jimi Somewhere says this of his new single,“'Jesus' is a song about a lot of different things, but overall it’s about frustration & feeling lost. I grew up Christian, but as I grew older I felt that my faith was more based on routine and tradition than personal belief. Slowly I fell out with the church, but I still felt like every time I did something that didn’t align with the values I grew up on, it would affect my life in a negative way. So, I’ve been trying to find the balance there. I really think regardless of faith and what you believe, we all can learn from Jesus. To accept everybody, be honest, be open, love everybody & bear no judgment. The church itself also often seems to forget that part.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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