Thursday 17 September 2020

Sunflower Bean - Moment In The Sun

New York trio Sunflower Bean have returned with their first new single of 2020 unveiling the euphorically pleasing Moment In The Sun. With our winter slowly creeping in, it's something we cling to with every dying breath and Julia Cumming, Nick Kivlen, and Jacob Faber know this all too well as they make us come to the realise the important little things in life. “‘Moment In The Sun’ is about finally recognizing what is important in one’s life, the people you decide to spend it with,Sunflower Bean explain of the track. “All of these things we distract ourselves with, the never-ending mountain of career climbing, the pursuit of financial success, and the hope that after all that trying you could finally be cool. All of that is meaningless in comparison to one great day, hour, or moment with someone you really love.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Photo credit: Andy DeLuca & Sarah Eisman


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