Monday 5 October 2020

Avec Sans - Altitude

First featuring on the pages here back in 2012, Avec Sans caught my ear with their ingenious production values and new ways of thinking. Fast forward 8 years and it's good to hear not much has changed in that regard as as the now trio return with their euphoric new single Altitude. Playing up to its namesake, the soaring energy and driving electronics are enough to draw a nose bleed from even the hardiest of climbers as they trade up soft tender mid sections for convulsing synths and punchy breakdowns. On writing Altitude Alice Fox said “I was in the bathroom when the earthquake happened, we’d been in a Saki bar, so I thought I was drunk when the room started swaying, but Jack pointed out that it was the building moving and not me. The quake felt substantial, but the people working late in the office opposite were entirely unfazed and carried on with their photocopying as if nothing had happened. The forces of nature we experienced in Japan formed the germs of Altitude; we encountered resilient people adapting to withstand movement and upheaval – apposite in a time of such seismic global change.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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