Wednesday 14 October 2020

Blanketman - Beach Body

Manchester-based outfit Blanketman recently unveiled their hazy, sun-kissed new effort, Beach Body. With lockdown and overindulgence at home going hand in hand, it's unlikely many will have achieved that perfect physique yet it hasn't meant you can't give it your all at any rare opportunity of normality. Blanketman know this all too well as they portray their urgency and British exceptionalism through jangly melodies and buoyant rhythms. Singer Adam Hopper comments on the new single: “After a troubled lost summer, we felt we needed a new advert for British exceptionalism and the Brit abroad.” Take a listen and watch below.

Blanketman are: Adam Hopper - lead vocals, guitar, Jeremy Torralvo Godoy - bass, backing vocals, Ellie-Rose Elliott - drums, backing vocals, Daniel Hand - lead guitar, Eden Hemphill - keys, guitar, violin, backing vocals


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