Thursday 8 October 2020

Charli Adams - Didn't Make It

Announcing her debut LP‘Bullseye’ due out next year, Charli Adams unveils her glittering new single Didn't Make It. Adams explained: "I wrote ‘Didn’t Make It’s about trying way too hard to be with someone and cutting your losses. When there’s memories and nostalgia tied to someone it’s hard to let go and accept it for what it is. I was stuck on a loop with this guy when we were 17 and we just kept fucking it up. I love a song with hidden references (even if I’m the only one who knows it’s there), so “You were racing in the streets” is a reference to my favourite Bruce Springsteen song and “We were kids we broke the chain” is a reference to Fleetwood Mac. Growing up I was basically only exposed to what was on the radio in the 2000’s and it wasn’t until this relationship that I discovered the classics. There was so many influences on the ‘Bullseye’ record but it all really started there". Listen for yourselves below.


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