Sunday 4 October 2020

Sundara Karma - Kill Me

Making their very welcomed return over the weekend, Sundara Karma unveiled their wonderful new single Kill Me. Accompanied by a music video created in collaboration by creative director Hannah Diamond, the track sees the band take on a new futuristic sound as jazzy synths compliment its driving percussion and twinkling guitars. Speaking of ‘Kill Me’ Oscar Pollock says: "For the first time in my career I can say hand on my heart I’m feeling really confident in where we are both sonically and visually. I’m really excited about all of the new music I’ve been writing - especially this song “Kill Me’. Right now, I feel like I’m able to be the most personal I’ve ever been in my songwriting and ‘Kill Me’ is definitely a reflection of this. Lyrically it draws upon actual events that happened to me throughout the last year and it was cathartic to be able to condense all of that into a track.To me the song is humorous and melodramatic, it’s about being in a situation where you’re just so exasperated, but also finding levity in the dramatic nature of your feelings. Working with Clarence was genuinely a dream come true. I think he’s one of the best producers around right now and his solo stuff slaps HARD. Because of lockdown we had to produce the song remotely, sending bounces and stems back and forth to each other. Whenever Clarence sent a mix back I was always blown away by the level of detail and depth, seriously if you had a look at the amount of stems/tracks that went into this song you’d be like wowwww that’s crazy". Take a listen below.


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