Thursday 7 January 2021

A collection; 2020 Round-up

Photo Credit - Phoebe Fox

With little to no new music streaming in, I thought I would use this quiet time to clear out my inbox from last year's songs that I never quite got around to featuring. As much as I want to post every single thing that I'm sent which I enjoy, as a one man band (terrible pun alert), I just sadly don't have the time or capacity to do so. Although I still want to get these tracks out and this seems like the only fitting way, rather than them being lost in the never ending depths of my email account. Enjoy and Happy New Year (we can hope)!

Holly Humberstone - Vanilla (Live)
Holly's music has slowly been picking up pace over recent months and 2021 looks set to be a mega year for the young artist after being picked up as VEVO DSCVR’s Artists To Watch 2021' With a tour set to kick off later in the year (fingers crossed this COVID madness clears off soon), she shares a recent clip of what to expect with a live rendition of Vanilla

28 May 2021 Club Ifor Bach Cardiff

01 June 2021 King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut Glasgow

02 June 2021 Brudenell Social Club Leeds

03 June 2021 YES (Pink Room) Manchester

04 June 2021 Rescue Rooms Nottingham

06 June 2021 Omeara London *rescheduled Sold Out

08 June 2021 Omeara London *rescheduled Sold Out

09 June 2021 Omeara London *rescheduled Sold Out

10 June 2021 Omeara London *EXTRA DATE  


Banji - Listen
Netherlands-based 4-piece Banji returned in November with their vibrantly bursting new single Listen, built through charismatic instrumentation and buoyant melodies. Check out their official video below as the group get messy with food in its chaotic climax. The band explain its concept: “The instrumental to this track felt very lively and energetic. There are a lot of little elements hidden in the music, almost as if they're constantly trying to talk through each other. I took that concept and pictured a couple sitting at a dinner table. 'Listen' ended up being a song about favouring child-like stubbornness over maturity. The inability to filter thoughts, and instead, trying to talk your way out. It's basically me saying to myself 'things would be a lot easier if you just listened’". 


Viji - Are You In My Head?
Tackling the age-old inner struggle of a relationship, London-based artist Viji recently put out her grungy, angst-ridden masterpiece, Are You In My Head?. Speaking about the track she goes on to say: "The song Are You In My Head is about the internal struggle of relationships. Especially how little things can blow up in your head if you’re in a bad mood. An open tuning and weird chords go with the theme of indecisiveness. The video for the song is inspired by teen witch movies. Exorcism warning on the label. I’m genuinely so excited for everyone to hear it!"


K.P. Ring - Not A Hopeless Place
Cork, Ireland-based artist K.P. Ring has an incredible talent for creating warming energy in his intricate guitar playing. He recently unveiled his new video to latest single Not A Hopeless Place, a track rich in desire and anguish of equal measure. Speaking about the track he went on to say: "The song is about acceptance of change. Someone once told me that the scariest and, simultaneously, most comforting thing in life is that nothing is permanent. Everything must change. That's always stuck with me. I think this idea resonated in the song's meaning." Take a listen below.


Angel Hotel - By All Means Necessary
Having been delighted by their previous efforts, a return by Angel Hotel was very much welcomed as the Welsh-based outfit unveiled their latest single By All Means Necessary. Filled with dazzling guitar solos and high energy melodies, the track serves up another fine taste of their driving pop prowess. Take a listen below. 


MAUVE - Branches
London/Cambridge-based outfit MAUVE have recently shared their brand new EP which features their recent single Branches. A track that serves to be a perfect introduction to the band's adrenalin soaked anthemic rock built upon driving guitars and pummelled percussion. Jump in for yourselves below.


Flyte - Never Get To Heaven
Last but by no means least in this series of track's I never got around to writing about is the heartfelt live rendition of Flyte's Never Get To Heaven. As glorious as we've come to expect from their touching harmonies and soft, intricate melodies, the band's effort is another pristinely exquisite slice of celestial pop. “Funnily enough, I wrote this song aged 14. I remember thinking it would be a very clever and grown up exercise to reappropriate a chant from my stint in the scouts as an 8 year old. My 14 year old self, then advanced in years and wisdom, putting a post modern spin on a childish relic. Using it as a vehicle for all my pain and suffering, ha. Strangely, so very many years later, it had achieved it’s depth. It had become the perfect eulogy to the end of my adult relationship. An adolescent attempt at world weariness had become meaningful. For an album based entirely around a break up, it’s a god's-eye view, nursery rhyme that closes the album with the perfect quiet defiance” says Will. Take a listen below. 


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