Wednesday 20 January 2021

Louis Dunford - When We Were Hooligans (Official Video)

"Sometimes I sit and reminisce about the good old days I miss. About the days I spent with all my friends. In fact, I've come to realise those were the best days of our lives". It's funny, that you never really think you'll grow up until it's all too late and you realise you've already transitioned. Friends drift away and life becomes all work and no play. Touching a nerve with almost anyone that that has ever grown up in a city with not much else to do but smoke and drink, much like myself, Louis Dunford hits the nail on the head with his latest single, When We Were Hooligans. Taken from his debut project The Morland EP, which is out now, the track tells the story of life as we once knew it, without a care in the world. Speaking about his EP he goes on to say “This EP is a collection of songs that navigate through the best and worst days of my youth. They are stories from those teenage years, where I first experienced real friendship and brotherhood, my first experiences with drink and drugs and my first experience with death, the toll it takes and the struggles that follow.”“When I hear people talk about ‘the good old days” I always imagine they're referring to the prime of their lives, but when me and my mates reminisce, these are the good old days we mean. Those brief, innocent years, before everything changed, that we imagined we’d hold onto for a little longer. I hope that I’ve captured those days in these songs.” Take a listen/watch for yourselves below.


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