Tuesday 9 February 2021

The Drives - The Comedown

LA-based trio The Drives have kicked off the year in fashionable style with a refreshing new single. Returning in January, the band unveiled their latest effort, The Comedown, a track that's introduced me to their anthemic, high energy sound in abundant amounts. Wasting no time, from its unhinged guitars and snarling bassline comes a driving, stadium-ready masterpiece that tackles the constant push pull of a relationship breakdown. Speaking of the track, Levin shared: "I wrote this song in the aftermath of an intense breakup when I was pretty overwhelmed and stuck. Nothing I could do could really get me out of the heaviness that surrounded me. I basically tried to capture what I was going through directly post break up. At times, it felt good, like it was the beginning of something. Then sometimes I felt a sense of uneasiness. Then other times I felt pure frustration. It’s weird now because even though I wrote this song a while ago about my breakup, it feels like the perfect time to release it. In a lot of ways I’m feeling similar emotions about the start of this year in terms of the state of the world and my own state of mind. Some days feel like a positive step forward while others feel another disheartening step back into 2020." Take a listen for yourselves below.


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