Thursday 4 March 2021

Album Review: DMA's - Live At Brixton

A lot of things are taken for granted. Live music being one of the many. Describing the fervent atmosphere to anyone would be an almost unachievable task if they never frequent the pubs, halls, clubs, O2 Academies and arena's dotted around the country. From the sweat dripping walls, chanting crowds and hurled beer cups, to the moment of stomach twitching excitement when the lights finally dim ahead of the band walking out on stage next to deafening roars.

This week marks 12 months since my last live gig, and almost a year since DMA's took to London's Brixton Academy on 6th March 2020. As the goalposts constantly shift, with new rules, new criteria and new restrictions, it makes the dream of ever returning to the live environment that ever fading oasis on the horizon. Yet, it's where we're at. And if there's anyone best tasked to make us nostalgic of better times spent it would be Australia's DMA's.

Anyone who's been lucky enough to catch the band on tour in recent years will know all too well about their electrically charged energy and as far as live records go, this captures it perfectly. Opening with the rolling Feels Like 37, they take no prisoners as the low rumbling basslines and thumping percussion take us right back to our days spent with ringing ears and bruised skin due to raging amongst the mosh-pits. 

Whilst you'd expect the majority of the set-list to be made up of track's from their most recent album 'The Glow', the band almost preconceived the impending lockdown and gave fans a fitting send off with hits spread across their complete back-catalogue. The main bulk of the set-list is made up of tracks from their debut record 'The Hill' and prove to be the crowds biggest sing-along with Delete and Step Up the Morphine taking the noise to exponential levels. Other songs off previous albums also appear – In The Air and Tape Deck Sick from 2018's 'For now', whilst their buoyant, rarely played live single Your Low is another highlight.

Encapsulating your sound in a live environment is no easy feat, yet DMA's effortlessly breeze through their 17 track set-list in vivacious fashion leaving us all longing for the day we get to return to a venue. DMA’S commented: “Our first ever show in the UK was the opening slot at Brixton Academy so this is just totally emblematic of the support that has grown overseas we are ever grateful for. It’s still the greatest show we have ever played and we will never forget that night. See you all soon! Stay safe.

‘Live at Brixton’ will be released 5th March 2021 on a striking smoke-effect pink/orange limited edition double vinyl that also offers an essential souvenir of the event. Its design was inspired by a flare that was set off during the show. It will also be released digitally.

‘Live at Brixton’ tracklist:
‘Feels Like 37’
‘Too Soon’
‘Hello Girlfriend’
‘Time & Money’
‘The Glow’
‘The End’
‘Step Up The Morphine’
‘Life Is A Game of Changing’
‘In The Air’
‘Tape Deck Sick’
‘Play It Out’
‘Lay Down’
‘Your Low’


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