Thursday 18 March 2021

Inhaler share 'Cheer Up Baby' & Announce debut album

Coinciding with the news of their debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, which is due for release on 16th July, Dublin's Inhaler have today unveiled their latest single Cheer Up Baby. Already a strong favourite on their live circuit, the track's scintillating guitar lines and anthemic qualities drive home a sound unlike no other that's exhilarating from the get-go. “It’s just a great pop song,” says Hewson. “I think it really takes us back to our roots as a band.” “I think it just has that classic, feel-good, anthemic, hopeful feeling that everyone seems to relate to on some level,” continues McMahon. Take a listen for yourselves below.

‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’

1. It Won't Always Be Like This
2. My Honest Face
3. Slide Out The Window
4. Cheer Up Baby
5. A Night On The Floor
6. My King Will Be Kind
7. When It Breaks
8. Who's Your Money On? (Plastic House)
9. Totally
10. Strange Time To Be Alive
11. In My Sleep

Header Photo: Lillie Eiger


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