Wednesday 26 May 2021

Luna Morgenstern - Done (Official Video)

Amsterdam-based, Cologne-born producer and singer-songwriter Luna Morgenstern today returns with her stunning new single Done. Written after an argument with her dad the track displays her powerful embodiment through her huge powerhouse pop melodies and infectious choruses. “It was the worst fight we ever had and with my father being my best friend, it was very hard on us both, I felt powerful, independent and light,” Elaborating on the track, Luna says: “It’s a song that I want to gift to those who have felt oppressed, patronised, judged, confined and unsupported. I sing this to all the women who are brought up to please the male gaze (whether it's intentional or not). ‘Done’ is about finding independence, it's an ode to freedom, to being alive and it is a reminder to be more loving to yourself and to acknowledge your own worth.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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