Friday 25 June 2021

Ed Nash - Plumes

Having already demonstrated his insatiable talent for creating some of the best guitar layering I've heard in recent times, Ed Nash makes his very welcomed return with new single Plumes. Written during the winter the track offers an uplifting take on the world looking ahead to the future, something that's very much needed right now. Ed says: “‘Plumes’ was written and extensively tinkered with at my home studio during the endless dark evenings this past winter… certainly the bleakest winter I’ve ever had. ‘Plumes’ was my escape from this. ‘Plumes’ is air rising, birds flying and beautiful decorative colours. This is a song of optimism, about breaking free and looking ahead at better things to come.” Take a listen to the catchy number for yourselves below. Plumes is released on Ed's own label Bangers and Nash and available now.

photo credit: Matteo Sanguinetti-Bird


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