Thursday 24 June 2021

Sarah Kinsley - The King (Official Video)

Catching up on emails, Sarah Kinsley proves yet again why it's never a good idea to 'delete all' as she returned a couple of weeks ago with the stunning The King. Through its powerhouse pop sensibilities, the track is a confident boast at to what to expect on her recently released EP of the same name. Of the EP, Sarah explained: “A week before I turned twenty, I made a list of things I promised myself to do before the eclipse of a new decade; to stay up to watch the sunrise, to dance in the rain barefoot, to confront my fear of death, to forgive someone from the past, and to write the song that would capture everything about what it meant to turn twenty. A tribute to youth. I found myself writing less about who I was, and more about who I dreamed of becoming. Someone powerful, loved, immersed in the world, and unafraid. In that evening in July, the pinnacle of it all came out. I want to be the king. Those beginning moments of The King fell so naturally out of my hands. An arpeggiated melody in octaves on the piano that drifted out of my fingers, playing faster and faster until the song exploded into a burst of moving drums, guitar and flying synths. This is what it sounded like to become The King. The production of the song was undeniably free and growing. And in the fall of 2020 I brought the song with me to New York to work with the great Jake Aron, where it transformed into something only even bigger, brighter and liberating as being The King could be. We experimented with synths, sounds and effects that embodied this reclamation of being free.” Take a watch to the official video below.

Photo Credit:  Julia Khoroshilov


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