Sunday 13 June 2021

VICTORS - I Could Be Your World

Returning ahead of the weekend, Leeds-based outfit VICTORS unveiled their dazzling new single I Could Be Your World. Having fine-tuned their sound over the years, the trio naturally tap in to luscious 80's ballad territory as their pulsating melodies and disco-ball sound hit with big effect. Taken from the band's forthcoming new project and era, a concept EP depicting the different stages of a relationship, the track gives an exciting insight to what lays ahead. Speaking about 'I Could Be Your World', VICTORS said: "We see ICBYW is a classic ‘VICTORS’ track. We wanted a nod to our older stuff for our earliest, loyalist fans. It’s about the early phases of a romantic relationship. Where all that matters in the world is each other, the obsession and the belief that your love is unique and special and that nothing could ever bring it to an end." Take a listen for yourselves below.


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