Sunday 15 August 2021

Keni - Big Enough

LA based singer songwriter KENI returned ahead of the weekend with her stunning new single Big Enough. Led by its strummed guitar intro comes a powerhouse pop anthem packed full of quirky melodies and infectious choruses. Speaking about the single she goes on to say; "“Big Enough” is a huge middle finger to the men who undermine strong women that have a clear sense of who they are and what they want to accomplish. I wrote this song about a conversation I had with a guy I used to go out with. I was laying in his bed and we were talking about our lives and what we wanted to achieve. I started talking about my passion for music and songwriting and how being an artist is the only path for me. After bearing my soul to this guy who was wearing a Rick and Morty t-shirt and sporting unbrushed teeth, he started telling me that I should definitely have a backup plan, in a condescending way. Coming from someone who couldn’t even keep a job, this was a huge slap in the face. I held my tongue because the pillow talk was plunging hard enough without my help. These types of conversations have been all too frequent, especially with men (unfortunately). There isn’t enough room or time for anyone who cheapens your dreams simply because they’re scared of going after their own. One of my favorite lines in Big Enough is “if you wanna be a rockstar then learn to play the guitar”. Hopefully that boy finally learned.". 

Take a listen to the empowering single below. 


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