Monday 9 August 2021

Modern People - Common Blues

"Common Blues" sees producer/instrumentalist Christian Pinchbeck of London alt-R&B band, Girlhood team up with fresh new singer/songwriter Lewis Cardinal from Cardiff as the pair share their vibrant debut effort. Unveiling their new single the duo waste no time in divulging their soul-filled greatness as harmonising vocals meet its genre-defying instrumentation. Speaking about the debut single and new project, the Cardinal says: "The song came about from my yearning to perform live, envisaging a post lockdown party involving a mass jam session. Christian sent me a track that blended different rhythmic styles including house, afrobeat and Latino and I envisioned us all in one big room with the drinks flowing and the sound of laughter passing through. Picking up instruments one by one and playing through hours of various genres with no restrictions. Working on the song helped me overcome my feeling that musicians were being forgotten about and I could feel my love and passion for creating coming back." Take a listen for yourselves below.

Photo credit David Richardson


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