Tuesday 28 September 2021

Mellah - 'Heaven Only Knows'

Taken from his 333 (Them) EP, which will be now released on a limited vinyl run on 12th November, Mellah today returns with his stunning new single Heaven Only Knows. Sitting pretty with its mellow guitar lines and softly sung vocals comes another pristinely pieced together pop effort that demonstrates his innate ability in crafting symbolic music like none other. Speaking about the new single, Mellah says: “It started life as a song about whether me and my partner at the time could find a way to stay together, but ended up as a broader question asking whether we could all find a way to cohabit together; if not in harmony then at least in some semblance of tolerance. The pandemic has felt like a crossroads; for me at least, it’s thrown everything up in the air, creating in equal measure an atmosphere of both anxiety and excitement when considering how it will all fall back down to earth again. ‘Heaven Only Knows’ is just asking, ‘how do we want it to look when / if it all lands?’” Take a listen for yourselves below with its official video. 


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