Sunday 24 October 2021

GR8SCOTT - Won't Be Drinking

If there's one thing Scandinavia do well, it's knowing their way around the pop perfected blueprint, and Copenhagen-based newcomer GR8SCOTT is certainly no stranger. Ironically sharing his debut effort Won't Be Drinking over the weekend, get acquainted below with his super smooth vocals and explosive melodies as he shows us there's more to life than a hangover. “I’m not a big party guy but I love to hang out with people and just have fun, and like everyone there is more than welcome to get drunk. I just don’t need it to have a good time, and I would hate not to be in control of myself so yeah, no from me. I just wanna have a good time,” Elias says about the single. Continuing, “My lyrics don’t actually mean much at the moment. They just kinda happen, with my music too, it’s not something overly intellectual at all. This song just happened because I thought it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to hang out in groups and have fun. So I hope this will make people “la la” along-and it goes for everyone, whether they’re completely wasted or sober as can be.

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