Monday 25 October 2021

The Ramona Flowers - Up All Night

It's been a while since we've heard from Bristol-based quartet The Ramona Flowers but they have finally returned unveiling their new single and Nile Rodgers collaboration, ‘Up All Night’. "Essentially, it’s a song about my love of a good party and the fact I seem to somehow always be the last one to want to leave. Have there been occasions where I should have gone home for an early night? Absolutely! But that’s just not in my make up and life’s too short to worry about tomorrow too much…" comments the band's vocalist, Steve Bird. Steve continues: "Dave and Sam started putting different guitar tracks down, one was labelled ‘Nile’ as it was reminiscent of that classic Nile Rodgers guitar sound. We managed to get the song over to Nile to see if he wanted to play it for himself. He got back to us saying he loved the track and would love to do it! So unbelievably, that guitar track actually became the real Nile Rodgers guitar track." Take a listen to the funky number for yourselves below.


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